Terms and conditions
Pixamin is a sharing platform for free, high-resolution photos and images. We do not want to list the rules that we know you do not really enjoy reading. We want to see the days when there is no abuse in the world.

Do not do these briefly;
1- Please do not upload any other content (photos, images, videos etc.) to our website.

2- The use of content on sites that publish and sell digital content is prohibited. Do not download the content and use it to share and sell on other platforms.

3- We do not upload any content that may contain copyright, even if it belongs to you.

4- You can use images in your designs that are not offered for sale as products or services.

5- You should not use the service unless you are 16 years old. The service is designed to be used by people who are at least 16 years old.

6- Aggressive, pornographic, obscene, immoral and humiliating elements should not be used in the images as recognizable and identifiable. Images taken from individuals should not be used without permission.

7- Although Pixamin can be used free of charge for commercial and non-commercial purposes, identifiable people, logos, brands, sound samples etc. are included in the Content. Note that images may be subject to additional copyrights, property rights, and privacy. rights, trademarks, etc.) and may require third-party approval or licensing of these rights - Pixamin does not represent or warrant that these permissions or licenses have been obtained and expressly disclaims any liability in this regard.

8- Visual contents cannot be copied by data mining, robot, scraping or similar data collection methods. Multiple large-scale or systematic copying of content, including any of the methods mentioned above, is prohibited.

9- By uploading content to the Website, you grant Pixamin and its users a worldwide, commercial and non-commercial royalty-free license to use, download, copy, modify or adapt the content for any purpose.

10- You are solely responsible for the content you upload. By uploading content to Pixamin, you declare that you own all property rights in the content you upload and that the content does not infringe the copyright, property, trademark or other applicable rights of third parties.

Pixamin cannot be held responsible for the actions or omissions of its users, including abuse of any content you upload. We reserve the right to remove content at any time and for any reason, if it is defective, of poor quality, or in violation of the terms of installation and use. When the user repeats improper use and violations, he / she may choose to terminate the user.

Our Takedown Policy
If you believe that your copyright, trademark or other right has been violated by the uploaded content, we ask you to write to us and forward it along with the information below.

1- Identification of the copyright work, trademark or other rights that you claim are infringed;
2- Identification of the allegedly infringing material, including a URL link where it appears in the Service;
3- Your contact information such as your e-mail address;
4- You have a good faith belief that the use of the material as complained is not authorized by copyright / trademark / other rights holder, agent or law; and
5- Declaration of the correctness of the above information and the rightful owner (or your authority to act on their behalf).

Please send the information to info@pixamin.com
All these terms and information are not legal advice. You should speak to a lawyer for your rights and obligations.
Pixamin reserves the right to change the terms of use and service. For any reason, we may immediately terminate or suspend your account without limitation.